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So I get that it’s April Fools—

I was debating ranting on about this today but I really can’t help it.

I get it, pranks are funny and all. Really, go ahead. That’s fine. However there’s a fine line between a prank and punching your playerbase in the throat.

A fake update post? After 8 whole weeks of absolutely nothing? Not only did you put more effort into a shit-eating prank than you did with the game in 2 months, but you executed this prank like douchebags.

Really? Teasing us with, y’know, content and levels? More specifically a LOT of things players have wanted to see return (Tortodrones, Slooms, etc)? The thing 99% of your players are waiting for in your boring ass game with nothing to do? It’s more of a kick to the nuts than a prank. It’s not funny, just fucking dicky.

And you know what makes it even worse? Is that OOO thinks this behaviour is acceptable. You know what though, it would be okay if you idiots updated your fucking game for once. However that’s not the case. You don’t update your game. You sit on your ass and expect players to do nothing but repeat the same thing over and over for over 2 years now to the point where brain-numbing doesn’t do it justice in terms of a description. Your playerbase is small, and you’re gonna lose more and more; ‘cus I can name plenty of people who hung up their jackets and said “fuck this shit.” Hell there’s 80 of them that sported the name ‘Dunkshire.’ 

Your site says over 3 million but it’s pretty obvious there’s what, maybe 10-20 thousand people who actually play? You know those ‘3 million’ were people who signed up for their free TF2 hat. But it’s okay, advertise your game on a tasteless site like Newgrounds and bring in kids looking for shitty porn and horror flash games who can’t tell the difference between their face and their ass into the playerbase, real clever.

I don’t even care if I’m off topic man, fuck this shit. I’m so close to hanging my fucking coat as well, like so many other people have. If this anniversary update doesn’t blow my fucking mind then I’m outta here and staying with Vindictus along with the rest of my guild and prolly start up my LoL blog again. And if this anniversary update doesn’t deliver then you’re an idiot for still giving this company some faith. I’ve had hope for 2 years and all we got was a small start to the storyline OOO forgot about, back in October of fucking 2011.

Good night for now.

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  1. foul-owl-on-the-prowl said: It is indeed April Fools, because OOO makes fools of their players… but all the time. I love this game, I met nice people but heck, this isn’t funny - this is fucking assholery.
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    One of their sites, Whirled, basically died yesterday (April 1st) since they weren’t doing anything (even though their...
  3. kolkwitzia said: I actually felt the exact same way when I saw that “prank” post earlier, that was really low of them.
  4. shiny-lilligant replied:
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    Getting real sick of your shit, OOO.
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    Pretty damn accurate description of how annoying OOO have become. “Hey I’ve got a great idea for a joke! Lets give the...
  8. askgangnamstyle said: Gaygnam style.
  9. equalizingheretic said: I’d post a photo reply but I’m honestly speechless with how unprofessional this company is.
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