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    I almost got a Flamberge just for that glitch.
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    Idea sounds great. Rather difficult to implement, as knights in guild hall are in haven / no weapon mode. Maybe slightly...
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    The first comment I see about this pic, not even kidding: "So Im fighting slippers?" I lost it
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    I would be all for this, if it wasn’t a pain for large guilds, a breeze for small ones and had some way for the...
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    Honestly, I hope it becomes something interesting to say the least. My greatest hope is that they appear in guild halls...
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  8. ultigom said: Only question is how bloody soon.
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    I think OOOs done a good job at that for all of us sadly at this point
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    Don’t bring my hopes down, bro.
  11. iamtheonlyoneherehahaha said: weird owo
  12. askrumbletheyordle said: they look like pikmin enemies :U
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    Idk what to think =0 -Njthug-
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